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privacy policy

making lawyers happy

privacy policy

Effective: November 2017

The Birth Hour’s Know Your Options Childbirth Course (“Course”) is owned and operated by The Birth Hour and Stephanie Spitzer-Hanks (“Operators”). We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. For instance, our Course is secured through an SSL Certificate. This Privacy Policy describes what information we collect, and how we collect, use, and disclose that information.

Course Users

When you purchase access to the Course, we may collect your name, mailing address, billing address, and email address. We may use that information to communicate with you, but will not distribute that information to a third party without your prior permission.

Our third party payment processor, Stripe Inc., collects your credit card information. Stripe does not share that information with us. You can find Stripe’s privacy policy here.

Course Facebook Group

The Course includes a private Facebook group. Course users may choose to participate in the group, but are not required to. We may collect participants Facebook names/handles and email addresses, but will not distribute that information without the participant’s prior permission. You can find the terms of use for the Facebook group here.

Any personal information you choose to share in the private Facebook group is at your discretion and is subject to Facebook’s policies.

Newsletter Subscribers

Subscribers provide us their email addresses. We also ask for, but do not require, your first and last name. The Course uses Convert Kit for distributing our newsletter, and we may measure which newsletter emails are opened in order to track subscriber engagement. This helps us better accommodate your preferences. You can read Convert Kit’s privacy policy here.

Potential Podcast Guests

If you apply to be a guest on The Birth Hour podcast, The Birth Hour collects your:

  • Contact information (city location, email address, name, skype username, and cell phone)
  • Family information (number of children, which birth stories you intend to share)
  • Brief description of your birth(s)
  • Your age
  • Optionally, you may provide us with your ethnicity/origin/race information (to help us remain an open, inclusive, and safe space for all women)

The information is for internal use only. We use all of this information to ensure The Birth Hour represents a broad range of birth experiences.

Podcast Guests

Podcast guests provide The Birth Hour with their birth stories, social media contacts, and pictures. We use this information to create podcast episodes, show notes pages, and search categories. Occasionally, we may use clips from a guest’s birth story in order to create the show’s introductory jingle, or to create a thematic compilation of responses. In each case, we only use clips in a manner consistent with the voice and intention of the guest.

The Birth Hour may transcribe a podcast guest’s episode to create website content, or for a creative endeavor (like a book) consistent with this policy and the purpose of The Birth Hour to inform and empower. If The Birth Hour chooses to use a particular guest’s personal information for creative purposes apart from the podcast, we will seek that guest’s written permission.


Occasionally, the Operators host sponsored giveaways through the Course. In order to coordinate these giveaways, we may collect contact information (name and email, street address if necessary). Giveaway entrants are usually required to provide their email address as a condition of entering. We may share this email address with the giveaway sponsor.

Other Uses

When you submit your information to the Course, that information is considered property of the Course to be used in a manner consistent with this policy. Some of your information may be aggregated with other data to measure Course engagement, and newsletter subscribership; but, we will not sell your personally identifiable information or use that information in a way inconsistent with this policy.